Are you ready for another rapper reimagined as a doll? Artists have capitalized on their brands in new ways and while action figures or dolls were once relegated to mere children’s toys, there has been a lucrative wave in the trade and sale of limited edition make-ups from famous people. Hip-hop has jumped into this force and for decades rappers, brands and labels have raked the dough with miniature figures of our favorite artists.

In recent years, one of the most coveted toys has been the Travis Scott action figure, which years later is still being bought, sold and traded online. Coi Leray seems to have added her name to the list of rappers with dolls, but she doesn’t seem thrilled with her figure’s turnout.

Rich Fury/Staff/Getty Images

Leray reportedly shared an intimate and personal look at a doll that reflected her style and joked about the result in the caption.

“Summer but baby I’m warmer,” she wrote along with several colorful emojis. “(Lol the doll is given Travis Leray [crying laughing emojis]).” The figure was fitted in a pink bikini and was even completed with Leray’s signature braided hairstyle.

It’s unclear how this doll came to be, whether it was something a fan made up or a prototype for the real thing. You can check it out below and tell us who you think this doll looks like.