Kash Doll may have just welcomed her first son with Tracy T, but the 32-year-old is already thinking about adding another bundle of joy to their family. At the start of the week, the BMF The actress hopped onto her Twitter page to share her hopes for her second baby with her followers.

“I want a girl, but how will she get here? she wrote Thursday night, earning thousands of responses and tens of thousands of likes. Sure, some responded with clever answers about how babies are made, but others took it upon themselves to remind the “No Lames” rapper that she already had a child.

“Honey, you just had a son, let him think of at least a first [another] kid,” one user replied to Kash. She was quick to shut down the reviewer, quoting the tweeter and adding, “I’m just saying future is wise. Shit.”

Others added, “these contractions will make you reconsider baby #2 lol” and “nearest orphanage and adoption center mami, let’s research together.”

While sharing the first photo of little Kashton Prophet Richardson, the new mother called her son “the love of [her] life.” “Never felt like this before y’all, someone finally wrapped their finger around me,” she added in the sweet IG post.

Earlier this month, Kash Doll also applauded haters on Twitter who told the Detroit-born rapper they were tired of seeing his sex toy ads. “Mute me, sister. They paid $15,000,” said the Stacked hitmaker replied – read more about it here.