An article in Forbes (Jim Corzelany) reviewed some of the most depreciated cars on the market. Those in the know know that depreciation is one of a new car buyer’s biggest long-term expenses. They are more likely to choose a model that retains its value. It’s a guessing game, Corzelany notes, as he takes a look at which new cars should lose their values ​​the fastest. The data quoted comes from a study conducted by the used vehicle site They analyzed more than 46,000 wholesale transactions among 2015 model year used vehicles.

Here is a list of cars Forbes quoted with the worst resale values:

*Cadillac CTS

*Kia Optima

*Mitsubishi Lancer

*Chevy Express (the only truck)

*VW Beetle

*Kia Cadenza

*Chevrolet Camaro

*Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

*Dodge charger

*Nissan Leaf BEV

*Buick Regal

*Chrysler 300

*Buick Regal

* Cadillac ATS

*Fiat 500

*Fiat 500L

*Jaguar XF

*Mercedes Benz C250

*Volvo S60

*Lincoln MKZ/MKZ Hybrid

*Lincoln MKS

* Nissan Maxima

FINAL ANALYSIS: Mostly sedans and small hatchbacks, a dated work van, an MPV assembled in a former Yugo factory, and a battery-electric sedan with limited range fill this list.